Meijia Hou

Meijia Hou

Meijia Hou

PHD Candidate
Department of Computer Science and Technology
Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
meijia.hou at gmail.com, houmeijia at csnet1.tsinghua.edu.cn

Current Research Interests

I'm interested in Internet routing, especially routing resilience and network measurement.


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  • Mingwei Xu, Meijia Hou, Dan Wang, and Jiahai Yang. An Efficient Critical Protection Scheme for Intra-Domain Routing using Link Characteristics. Computer Networks, 2013, 57(1): 117-133.(download)
  • Meijia Hou, Dan Wang, Mingwei Xu, and Jiahai Yang. Selective Protection: A Cost-Efficient Backup Scheme for Link State Routing. Proc. IEEE ICDCS’09, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, June 2009.(download)
  • Meijia Hou, Mingwei Xu, Dan Wang, and Qi Li. Make Best-Effort Forwarding upon Network Abnormality. INFOCOM IEEE Conference on Computer Communications Workshops , San Diego, CA, March 2010.(download1 download2)
  • Mingwei Xu, Qi Li, Yuan Yang, Meijia Hou, and Lingtao Pan. Self-healing routing: failure, modeling and analysis. SCIENCE CHINA Information Sciences, 2011, 54(3): 609-622.(download)
  • 徐明伟, 李琦, 潘凌涛, 杨芫, 侯美佳. 网络故障及自愈路由模型和算法. 中国科学E辑, 2010, 40(7).

Old Publications
  • Xingwei Wang, Meijia Hou, Junwei Wang, and Min Huang. A microeconomics-based fuzzy QoS unicast routing scheme in NGI. LNCS 3824, 2005: 1055-1064.
  • Xingwei Wang, Meijia Hou, Junwei Wang, and Min Huang. A Microeconomics-Based Fuzzy QoS Unicast Routing Scheme in NGI. EUC 2005: 1055-1064.
  • 王兴伟, 侯美佳, 黄敏, 王琦. 一种基于博弈论方法的模糊QoS 单播路由机制, 计算机学报. 2007, 34(3): 30-34.
  • 王兴伟, 侯美佳, 易秀双, 黄敏. NGI 中的一种禁忌-递阶遗传 QoS 组播路由算法, 东北大学学报(自然科学版). 2006, 27(5):493-496.


  • 徐明伟,侯美佳,李琦,互联网路由变化抑制方法,申请号200910091840.2, 授权公告号CN 101631079 B, 授权公告日2012.05.23.


  • 863计划“快速自愈路由协议与试验系统”,2007 - 2009.
  • 华为基金项目“BGP 稳定路由选择算法研究”,2009 - 2010.
  • 973 计划项目“新一代互联网体系结构和协议基础研究”,2009 - 2011.


  • 本科生实验课程“计算机网络专题训练”,2007、2009秋季学期
  • 本科生课程“计算机网络原理”,2008、2010春节学期


My paper "An Efficient Critical Protection Scheme for Link State Routing" received "Best Paper Award" in AsiaFI 2010. http://www.asiafi.net/meeting/2010/summerschool/