Yu Cao

Yu Cao


Computer Science and Technology
Tsinghua University
Beijing, P.R. China

Research Interests

  • Multipath Data Transfer
  • Data Center Networks
  • Network Security


  • Yu Cao, Mingwei Xu, Xiaoming Fu, Enhuan Dong, "Explicit Multipath Congestion Control for Data Center Networks", CoNEXT, 2013.
  • Yu Cao, Mingwei Xu, "Dual-NAT: Dynamic Multipath Flow Scheduling for Data Center Networks", ICNP Poster, 2013.
  • Yu Cao, Mingwei Xu, Xiaoming Fu, "Delay-based Congestion Control for Multipath TCP", ICNP, 2012. paper, slides
  • Yu Cao, Mingwei Xu. "A Demand Based Packet Scheduling Algorithm for Multipath Transfer", Journal of Software, 2012, 23(7):1924-1934. paper
  • Dong Huo, Mingwei Xu, Jianping Wu, Yu Cao, Zhongxing Ming, "ERMO: An Incremental Deployable Architecture for Scalable Routing", AsiaFI, 2010.


  • Research on Name-based Multipath TCP, National Natural Science Foundation of China (61073166), 2011.1--2013.12.

Experiments and Simulations

  • Linux implementation of wVegas (Delay-based Congestion Control for MPTCP). Source Code
  • Linux implementation of XMP (eXplicit MultiPath Congestion Control). Source Code
  • DummyNet+ECN Source Code
  • MPTCP implementation in NS3. Source Code